Obedience – Not hard?

Obedience. Not a hard concept. There’s a rule. You follow the rule. Simple.

Yet, like many things, it’s simple only in concept. The execution of obedience is something else entirely. Say, for example, your Dominant has set a rule which limits your speech. Simple. Don’t talk. Yet, in reality, how often is it simply an automatic response to say something, to answer a question, to ask a question, to make idle chit chat.

In order to obey, the submissive must repress her instincts and natural tendencies. What’s the point? Exactly that. To repress your own tendencies. To challenge yourself. To become more aware of yourself. To place the desires of your Dominant before not only your own desires, but also your own habits.

Challenging? You bet your best paddle it is!

Worth it? You bet your best paddling it is!

Why? Because self control is really the best type of control.


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