Paying for new clothes

So I’m wearing a new skirt today which is beautiful and flowly and comfy and elegant all at the same time. Milord, though, has decided that before I can wear soSkirtmething new, I must “pay” for that privilege. (I’m TOTALLY down with this idea!!!)

So, first I must worship his cock and balls – SQUEEEE!!!! – which I happily did. I do so love sucking on him even when he makes it all the more difficult by not allowing me to use my hands and my mandating that I must keep my eyes open and upwards, so that if he wants to look down into them, they are always  available. I had hoped – I ALWAYS hope – that he would come in my mouth, but today that was not the case.

Once he was happy with my performance, he tucked himself back into his jeans and had me lie on the bed. He placed his belt on me and rubbed my ass and administered hand spanking to warm up the skin.

“How much was the skirt?” he asked.

I knew he didn’t care about the money, so I was confused. Nonetheless, I answered, “$47 and some change.”

“Let’s round that up to and even $50.00. One lash of my belt for ever five dollars spent seems fair. Agreed?”

Ten. Ten lashes. I could handle that, especially since he tends to alternate strong swipes with softer ones.

“Yes, Milord.”

“Good. Do not break position. When I finish, I’m going to fuck you. You will not wear panties. I want my cream dibbling down your legs and your pretty new skirt can absorb a bit of it.”


I’m going to like having to “pay” for new clothes!


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