Final Spring Punishment – 2

Final Spring Punishment

Milord was correct, but then again, he wasn’t. The rest of the day was not “enjoyable”, but it was cleansing.

For the offense of wearing clothing when i wasn’t supposed to, I will go five days without any clothing. I reminded Milord that tomorrow was his “Guys’ Night In”. When he just raised his eyebrows at me, I blushed and asked if I was still to serve as hostess or would I be confined to a room. He will, he said, decide that tomorrow based on my behavior until then and his own preference. I didn’t ask any more questions.

For the offence of using processed food for our evening meal, I would need to be cleaned from the inside out. He began with inserting a soap stick, waiting fifteen minutes, then administering a full 2 quart enema. When he was doing this and making me hold it, he scolded me for being so pissy. I began to cry from the humiliation, from the sting, from the cramping, from knowing he was 100% right.  When he finally allowed me to release, he stood and watched, continuing to scold. After two more water enemas, I was as empty and clean as I was going to be.tumblr_p2tke5Glai1r63xkmo1_1280


In between the enemas, he told me to get on my hands and knees on the living room coffee table. Sobbing, I did as he ordered. He had the paddle all ready for me. After thee first round, he administered 25 spankings with the paddle, increasing by ten each time. By the time he gave me the last 45 spankings, I was beyond sobbing. I was a weeping, soft, repentant mess who had rarely felt so purified.

He held me at the end of the paddlings, cuddling me next to his strong chest and let me cry my heart out. I began to kiss his neck and thank him for caring so much about me. I begged him not to stop, but to forgive my attitude and to help me reform.

He kissed me, telling me how proud he was of me for accepting his dominance and for taking my punishment so well. It was time, he said, to think about the day, and so he sent me to the corner for the next 30 minutes or so.

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