Final Spring Punishment

Spring Rules 2019 are almost finished, so let’s do one more “I broke a rule” story before Summer Rules begins.

I was pissed. So pissed, in fact, that I said to hell with my rules and willfully broke them all. What was I pissed about? I have no idea. Seriously. First, I gardened fully dressed EXCEPT for the hat, sunscreen, and bug spray – hence the slight sunburn and 4 mosquito bites.  Second, I made tuna helper for dinner along with a can of green beans. I kept my blouse securely buttoned all the way up to my chin during dinner. And finally, there was no way I offered Milord fellatio after we ate. When Milord kissed me and suggested tonight he take my ass, I flat out refused him.

Today, I paid the piper.

I woke up feeling just awful for my behavior. Milord asked if I wanted to be


punished. I said that yes, I did. In any way he chose. First, he decreed, He would take my ass as he had wanted to last night. In fact, he would, unless i safe worded, take my ass ever single day for the next weetumblr_mbhq6sLfKR1r2d2upo1_500k. I would also be sleeping with a plug inserted just to make sure I remembered to whom that ass belonged.

Much to my relief, He generously lubed up my tunnel and them didn’t just fuck my ass, he made love to it. Slowly. Gently. Determined to remind me that he is quite capable of giving me every exquisite sensation imaginable. Half an hour and an untold number of orgasms later, he finally emptied himself into me.

“Clean me,” he ordered.

Without hesitation, I was on my knees licking and sucking his pungent and delicious cock clean.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Very much, thank you, Milord,” I responded.

“Good, because you’re not going to enjoy much of the rest of your day.”

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