5 ways to let Her know She’s special

  1.  Spa Day! No strings attached, just a whole pre-paid day of pampering.
  2. Flowers. Yes, it’s old fashioned, but sometimes there’s a REASON why something sticks around. Delivered flowers for no reason other than to say I Love You makes anyone feel special and loved.
  3. Let HER pick the movie, restaurant, or activity and DO NOT complain! If she wants to watch a RomCom while cuddled up next to you on the couch while wearing yoga pants and your shirt, enjoy it.
  4. Tuck her in at night and always, always, always, kiss her. Sweetly kiss her without the expectation of sex afterwords. Kiss her and say I Love You. These words cannot be said too often – assuming you truly mean them.
  5. Play Hookie together. Take a day off from BOTH household chores and work and just spend it doing something you both enjoy – fishing, antiquing, being beach bums. Again, don’t expect sex, but if she initiates, be grateful and follow her lead. Letting your submissive take the lead every now and then can teach you what she really wants.

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