Sans clothes

Dvbq4uzW0AAY8qxI am denied clothing, except for shoes. Why? I wore jeans and other contemporary clothing that I had no permission to wear. I knew I was doing wrong. I knew I had plenty of other choices. What can I say? Sometimes, I’m a fucking brat. Now, I will pay for the crime. I will be denied clothing until Milord decides otherwise. Could be a day, could a month. I don’t know, just as he likes. If I question him, I’ll be bent over and whipped with his belt, as I have agreed to. That happened yesterday and yes, I knew it would happen.

Still, I’m not stupid. I’m not going do it again – well, at least not until I can sit without wincing.

But for now, and until Milord decrees otherwise, He will, as usually, fuck me when and where he desires, expose or share me with whomever he desires, and just to make sure I remember my agreement, I will be without the dignity of clothing.


One thought on “Sans clothes

  1. Brats Have Great Options! They Can Be ‘Good Girl’ and Still Be Pleasured/Punished, or; Be Be Very Bad and Get What She Really Wants – Hard Punishment Turning To Breathtaking Pleasure! Such Decisions! Must Be Fun?


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