THAT didn’t take long!!

Well, breaking a rule didn’t take long at all!! Two, in fact. Last night at dinner I didn’t expose my breasts for Milord’s viewing pleasure, nor did I offer him fellatio. Luckily, I did remember to remove all of my clothing before 9:00 p.m.! It was then that I figured out I had broken two of my new rules.

Not being a liar or a coward, I went to Milord, knelt before him at 9:05 p.m. and confessed my transgressions, offering him fellatio then. He lifted my chin and smiled, telling me he was well pleased that I had confessed but, as per our agreement, my tardiness and lack of exposure would be punished with due severity. I smiled back, loving his strong adherence to our rules, and said nothing. No words were neecream-rubded.

He leaned back, patted his lap, and I unhesitatingly positioned myself. He began with a warm up the laid in. No mercy give, no mercy asked for. I’ve been so well used that it takes A LOT for me to cry, but cry I did – eventually. Milord kept on and on and on. By the time he quit, my sobs had quieted and I was limp. He must have planned ahead because soon I felt a soothing cream being rubbed  into my burning flesh.

“There. You’re going to feel this for a few days, love, and tomorrow, no clothing at all. How are you feeling?”

“Properly chastised, Milord,” I responded honestly.

“Good. Why don’t you slide down between my legs then and do your duty.”

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