Happy St. Pat’s

My Master, My Ri’ has arranged for a St. Patrick’s day party! We have posted the house rules:

  1.  Each drink shall be a saluted with the word: Slainte
  2. Everyone not wearing green will be subjected to pinching or spanking
  3. Anyone marked with a collar has permission to be used as a public submissive
  4. Clean up after yourself. Submissives are not meant for menial labor.

This morning, after worshipping Ri’s cock and receiving him inside of me, and after being rewarded with with multiple pleasures, I lifted my hair for Ri’ to attach my collar. Blue & Black Corset Top | Pyramid Collection He then handed me a lovely, flowing black skirt and blue/black laced top. No green. I kissed him, understanding my place at tonight’s party. I was to be available to all.

When our guests arrived, I handed Ri’ the gift I had gotten him. He opened it, smiled, and then laughed. He grabbed me around the waist, spun me in a circle, and kissed me hard.

“My lass, this is astounding! I love it,” he whispered to me. “What a shame to keep it to myself, though. I believe I’ll hang it from your waist and allow anyone to use it on you tonight. What do you think?”

“I think, Ri’, that I have the luck of the Irish with me this evening.”

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