Punished for his Pleasure

fireplace boundPunished upon his PleasureI was immobilized. Cuffed and chained to the hearth, legs forced apart by the spreader bar. Ankles tied in place. I was bent over, a plug in my ass, my pussy open and a gag in my mouth. As per Milord’s pleasure, two holes filled.


I closed my eyes. I couldn’t speak, so I slapped my hand against the hearth eight times.

He laughed then whispered to me, “Far to small. Let’s triple that, shall we?”

He chose a flogger with short falls then took aim. I expected my well used ass to feel the flame, but it was my pussy that did. I screamed from behind the gag. My toes curled and my hands scratched at the bricks. Milord laughed, pleased. Again and again he kissed my exposed puss to the tongues of the flogger. My sobbed and sobbed, snot running down my face. Finally he stopped and ran a finger down my swollen slit. That’s all it took for me to explode.

Again he laughed, and said, “You are such a dirty slut. I could collect all of this juice and drink it with my breakfast tomorrow. Instead, I think you’re quite wet enough.”

He pressed in three fingers, working me, loosening me. He added a fourth, stretching me. Leaning over he whispered, “Today’s the day.”

He pointed his four fingers, I could feel them reaching inside of me, then tucked in his thumb. Slowly, steadily he eased his hand inside. I cried out, the sound swallowed by the gag. Accepting what was to come, I pushed back, welcoming his hand.

“That’s my girl,” he crooned.

Then, he was in. All of his hand. He closed his fingers forming a fist and began to pump. The pressure was more intense that anything I’d ever felt. The plug in my ass made me impossibly full. I didn’t understand how I wasn’t split open, but I was whole and wet and coming and thrusting myself back and forth along his arm. I slapped my hands against the bricks, insensible, consumed by the deliciousness of the pain and the pride of accomplishment.

Eventually, he slowly and carefully eased his hand out. He held it in front of me, released the gag and said, “Clean me.”

I licked his fingers, palm, wrist. I opened my mouth to suck his fingers, still out of my mind and happily floating in subspace.

He released me from my bonds, picked me up and carried me to a chair where he sat holding me, petting my hair, kissing my neck. Eventually, I came back to earth and reality.

“Sir?” I asked quietly.

“Yes, my love?”

“I mean no disrespect, Sir, but I only have one hole filled. Please, may I have more?”

He looked at me, burst out laughing, kissed me hard, and stood, me in his arms.

“Yes, you may. I plan to fill that well used cunt with my cock. Something we’ll both enjoy.”

I grinned and wrapped my arms around his neck. I KNEW today was going to be amazing.

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