What they don’t see

What they see is a woman who is shamelessly flaunting cleavage, but what they don’t see is the mixture of shame and pride at dressing to please Lord. I am not, by nature, one to expose myself such, but because He requested that I dress this way, I do so. The light in His eyes brings me great pride because I am able to push down my own reservation and put His pleasure before my own. Dressing in this manner doesn’t hurt me in the least, therefore, there is no good reason for me to Parlay and refuse him. After my last serious refuse to dress as he requested, https://anariebrady.blog/2018/02/12/walk-of-shame/ I learned my lesson.

What they don’t see means so much more than what they do see. They don’t see the mixture of our combined dried cum still clinging to my thighs, a sign that He both gave and took His pleasure of me. They don’t see the love and respect He holds for me. They don’t see that I choose to lie over His lap so that He can spank me to tears and help me release all of the tensions of the day. They don’t see the my submission is my choice, not His, at least not in the beginning. Now, though, He has embraced this lifestyle as fully as I have.

What they don’t see is that the plug I now wear in my ass is not an act of oppression, but an sign of my freedom to show my love for Him as I choose. Yes, the plug is uncomfortable. Yes, I will be grateful when He removes it. Yes, I’m constantly wet because of the constant reminder that He placed it inside of me and only He can take it out.

What they don’t see is that I wouldn’t live my life any other way.

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