The Hidden Room

He asked if I would like a hidden room added to the remodel, a room that would be know to just us and perhaps a few chosen by Him who understand our lifestyle choice. I jumped at the idea. As the general contractor for the remod, it would be my responsibility to  see to the details. We have a lovely open staircase, so I decided it could be closed in, hiding the door to our room. By lifting a trap door, we would have access to a set of stairs leading downward. I had the workmen create a room in the basement by sectioning off the area below the stairs. The wall separating it from rest of the space is actually three sets of recessed bookcases, one of which can swing open. It looks just like the other two, so if you didn’t know, well, you wouldn’t know.

He is quite happy with this design, which gives me great pride because now that it’s finished, I’m thrilled with it. NO ONE can tell that we have our own little sanctuary!! For safety, I’ve also had workmen install an intercom system because it would indeed be possible to be trapped in the room. It isn’t quite soundproof, but close to it. Leather covered foam covers the walls and thick wool area rugs lend cushion to the concrete flooring. Over the window I have a thick blackout shade and dark red velvet curtains. There’s also an open showering area with a floor drain. The rugs can quickly be rolled up if He decides to get messy and wants to protect the rugs. I’ve also had installed a sink and toilet, both exposed. The workers thought I was nuts for wanting this, so I explained that my husband wanted, basically, a Panic Room. Additionally, I also insisted that the room be equipped with it’s own heating and air conditioning system along with a fireplace. This cost a pretty penny, but He approved of everything. 

Aside from the walls and the rug, I’ve added no furniture. He’s the decorator between us. Soon, though, it will be finished and we can christen the newest addition to our home.

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