A gift for Milord

As per my Fall Rules 2018, I purchased another gift for Milord. I’m still embarrassed going into an adult story by myself and I still drive to another town, but I must admit this feeling is7f0b335bc7d70f7d1e5ad7265fb910f6 lessening with time. This latest gift was chosen because they were pretty and came in a three pack (three is my lucky number!). However, I didn’t quite think this through! Milord was thrilled with the pretty, colorful crops and, since three is my lucky number, decreed that each cheek would receive three wallops from each crop.  Let me assure everyone that well before he finished, I was howling and wet as a river. Milord, on the other hand, maniacally giggled with each stroke! Apparently, he loved the way the flowered tips immediately reddened my flesh and how I wriggled and squirmed. By the time he finished, I was sobbing his name over and over and begging to be fucked, something which Milord was happy to grant.

So now, I’m quite satiated as is Milord. I have no doubt that by this time tomorrow, I’ll still be feeling the effects of my latest gift.end-1qj441jo1_500-2

One thought on “A gift for Milord

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