About a year ago, Milord decided to play a game with numbers. Number 6 – a Dominant’s Game. Now, he’s doing it again. I chose 14 for my first number. He ordered me to go to my pinterest “lifestyle” board here and choose the 14th item. The crop. I HATE the crop, but it’s also one of those things that I love to hate. Over the chair I went, panties kicked off, legs spread wide, hand gripping the arm rests of the chair. I could screech as much as I wanted, but if I lifted any part of my feet off the floor or wiggled away from a blow, the counting would start over. Luckily, Milord did the counting. At number 8 I begged for a break, which he gave me. He also, not wanting me to become disinvolved

Horse Whip Flogger with Sword handle

with the situation, had me suck on his luscious cock during my break. “Would it be easier to continue if I keep my cock in your mouth?” he asked. I mumbled my assent and nodded my head. By the time he finished all 14 “taps” as he calls them, my face was covered in tears, my jaw almost as sore as my ass, and I was completely submerged in sub-mind. Milord fucked my mouth and, within a few minutes, came, allowing me to swallow his sweetness. He kept his satisfied cock in my mouth while he fingered my dripping pussy, plunging his fingers in and out of my drenched hole until I also enjoyed an explosive orgasm. He helped me to stand, kissed me, and asked if I’d like to go out. Wobbling, but still feeling very submissive, I answered, “As you wish, Milord.”

“Good. There’s a new outfit for you on the bed. I took a look at your Clothing board and had a friend design something similar.  love this grey sheer dress, simple and sexy xhere.  Put it and a pair of heels on. Nothing else.

“Yes, Milord.” I agreed. I stared in horror. It was the sheerest of all the dresses I’d liked. I glanced in the mirror, realizing that the bright red marks on my ass would be PLAINLY visible through the sheer fabric. Not only that, but my nipple rings and chain would also be visible. Nonetheless, I’d agreed, so I quickly donned the dress then stood before Milord, head hanging.

“Lovely. Now, get in the car. We’re going to Davino’s.”

I sighed with relief. Davino’s was an exclusive, lifestyle, members only establishment. My accouterments would be admired, not viewed with horror, there. I should have known all along that Milord had something like this planned. Note to self:  Never doubt Milord’s plan.

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