Don’t Top from the Bottom

Apparently, I’ve been topping from the bottom recently. Lion pointed this out this morning. He’ll not stand for it he said. I was confused and asked for clarification. When he calmly pointed out all the times this last month that I didn’t suggest scenes but rather went ahead and set them up, gave demanding directions during a scene, and was, in general, bossy, I had to admit, he was right. I hadn’t realized what I was doingDRePD1VXUAETCTz at the time, but in retrospect, I had been topping. Lion is always open to suggestions, but not demands. I had been demanding. In order to correct this behavior, he first took me over his lap and gave me a good old fashioned bring her to tears spanking. I don’t cry easily, so when I finally did, my ass was burning hot and crimson red. My pussy was also dripping wet and I wanted so very badly to beg him to fuck me. This, however, would have been continuing the unacceptable behavior. During the spanking, Lion had outlined the plan for the next week. I wasn’t even going to allowed to suggest. The only thing I could say was “Yes, Sir” or something like that and my safeword. No suggestions. No begging. No demands. Then, to remind me to stay a bottom, he filled my bottom. When the plug slid in, I damn near came. Just to be sure I understood his control, he clipped my labia shut. My body was his. I had given it to him. I would remain plugged and clipped until after breakfast had been cooked, eaten, and the kitchen cleaned. This routine would continue for 7 days.

Wiping my tears, I nodded and said, “Yes, sir.” He smiled at me then, which made my heart swell.

“Good. Would you like to show your appreciation and your acceptance of this?”

“Gods yes, my Lion!”

I sunk to my knees, cradled his balls, kissed each, then began slowly kissing and licking my way up his throbbing cock. When I got to the tip, I slid my lips over the crown and slowly, carefully, worked my way down his shaft, keeping my tongue pressed against the underside. He moaned, and a surge of wetness seeped from my clipped pussy. I went down, balls deep, massaged his jewels, savored his cock. After a few minutes, he blessed me with coming down my throat. I swallowed, gagging once, but determined to drink every sweet drop.

When he was ready, he stepped back, lifted my chin and said, “You know, one of the many things I love about about is your exquisite grace in accepting a deserved punishment.”

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