First Reprimand of Summer

So as I mentioned the other day, I broke our first Summer Rules 2018 within hours of establishing them. I Said “Stop” and slapped away Milord’s hand when he was tweaking my nipples. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t even think about it. I was washing dishes and didn’t hear him come up behind me. When he pinched my nipple, I just reacted. This, he says, is the problem. I need to be more used to having my nipples played with and use20a3cf304cba8130c69c839dd25904dad if I am to ever be able to control my natural impulse to pull away.

Milord has decreed that for the next week I will wear a nipple shield beneath my piercings. This will doubly ensure that they stay erect and easily within sight and grasp, no mattere what I wear. I begged Milord to allow me to wear a bra when we go out, or at least when I go out alone. He has declined this request. He has, though, graciously allowed me to have one smocked style dress which somewhat hides the piercing and shield better than a regular t-shirt would. Naturally, the shield does not negate the required two 20 minute clampings per day.

Additionally, if I pull away or cry out in denial of his right (which I gave to him!) to play with my nipples at any time, I will immediately be bent over and spanked. I must admit, I am VERY aware of my nipples now. Milord is also making sure to tweak, pinch, rub, and suck on them at regular intervals. His training is working. Now, if more than a half hour goes by and he hasn’t played with them, I begin to miss it! I’m not fond of the shield, but I am very, very fond of Milord and how I feel when I’m with him.

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