Winter Rules 2017-18

Rule #3  Milord will display or share my body with whomever he chooses at least once a week. I will offer no complaint or hesitation, but will gracefully submit to Milord’s will or another’s will upon Milord’s command.

This week I was displayed, not shared. I’m not sure which is more humiliating to me, honestly. Nonetheless, because of this rule, I am getting more accustomed to being displayed and shared if no less embarrassed by it. Milord enjoys both the display, the sharing, and my humiliation, and I enjoy his pleasure, so I guess in the long run, it works out for everyone. First, Milord dressed me in a corset, heels, and cupless bra. Then, he had me set out snacks and arrange a mini bar for his guests, four of his friends. They were going to play a few12509190_941244402625133_2287258600651886445_n hands of poker tonight. The winner would be able to use me as he chose.  Before the guests arrived, Milord showed me his new toy – a large exercise like ball, but this one was equipped with a dildo. I was to sit on this, the dildo in my kitten, blindfolded and silent. Milord also put ear buds in my ears and set my iphone  for my playlist so that I could not clearly hear their conversation. I’m not sure how long I sat there, filled, blind, deaf, and excited. I could hear muted male conversation, but nothing distinct. No one touched me, not even Milord. I almost lost my balance a few times, tipping to one side. I wondered if Milord would punish me for my lack of grace. Finally, the evening ended. Milord took my hand and helped me to stand, my legs shaking. He led me to the bedroom, speaking not a word, keeping the ear buds and blindfold in place. I could feel my heart racing, wondering who was waiting for me. With a gentle push on the center of my back, Milord indicated that I was to bend over. I knew this position well, standing at the end of our bed, elbows and forehead on the mattress, feet wide apart. The first blow surprised me and I jumped, breaking position. This slap wouldn’t could. Easily I recognized Milord’s hand and was grateful it was him administering this spanking. He was a firm disciplinarian

Image result for dildo on ball

, but a fair one. Twenty swats later, he runs a soothing hand over my heated flesh. I’m panted now, so eager for him that I come when he flicks a finger down my drenched slit. I feel the rumble of his laughter. Finally, he pulls the ear buds free and whispers to me. “I was the winner tonight. I can do with you as I wish.”

Yes, Milord. You can.


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