Sassy Ass

What were you thinking? I told you the car needed gas, but did you stop to fill up the tank? No. You didn’t. Instead, you let it run out and had to call me to come rescue you. Do you have any idea how lucky you were that no one else stopped to “rescue” you before I arrived?

King was absolutely livid – as he should be. My punishment, I knew, would be harsh, but I hadn’t expected this!! The moment he got me home he told me to strip.  I was too humiliated by my having to call him to come get me after I ran out of gas to argue. He HAD told me to put gas in the car. I, though, thought I knew better and pushed it. Once naked, he told me to go to THE room – a room we use only for sessions or punishment. I went and waited. And waited. And waited some more. Finally, three hours later, he came in. He had, apparently, been waiting to calm down. Never has he given me a punishment when he was angry and he didn’t intend to start now. Very calmly, he lectured me then told me of his decision. I would be confined to this room and the attached bathroom until further notice. I would eat what he brought me when he brought it, drink only water, and be denied clothing of any sort.

What you did was reckless and dangerous. This is the second time in as many months that you’ve let the car run out of gas. I was obviously too lenient with you last time. Have been too lenient. Your safety is not something I will compromise – ever. Therefore, not only will you remain where I know you’ll be safe until I decide you’ve learned your lesson, but your ass will be reddened every single day. Actually, more than that. Before every single meal you’ll lie across my lap. I will spank your ass, your inner thighs, your pussy, the backs of your thighs as I choose. I will use my hand, my belt, or any other implement I choose. Your tears will be meaningless to me. I will continue until I am satisfied. Do you understand me?

I answered in the affirmative. He had never before punished me this severely. I felt myself begin to shake and tears run down my face.

Good. Now get your sassy ass over here.

I did as he said, bracing my hands against the floor. He used his hand this first time, focusing on my cheeks. Within minutes I was kicking and crying, but didn’t once open my mouth to beg him to stop. When I thought my skin would actually catch fire because it was so hot, he stopped. he flipped me over, held me and kissed away my tears. When my breathing was normal, he held my face in his hands and said.

Only a few days, I promise, baby. You took that first spanking like a champ. I’m proud of you.

Okay. With those words, I cried again. This time because I realized that my actions had, indeed, put me in danger. I had frightened him and disappointed him. To hear “I’m proud of you” again, I’d do just about anything. I kissed him, then wiggled off his lap. I stood before him and said, “I’m so sorry, King, and I’m happy to accept your correction. If I might suggest, though, therend-1qj441jo1_500-2e’s no reason why you should deny yourself just because I made a stupid mistake. You may as well enjoy the fruits of your labor.”

He grinned at me, agreed, then bent me over the bed. When he entered me, I sighed with relief and pleasure. He held onto my hips and pumping his thick, hard cock in and out of my slick pussy. Come all you want, baby. His voice pushed me over the edge, and I did. I came, screaming his name, trembling again, but now with joy. He pulled out, spraying his hot cum across my scorched flesh. Now that’s a beautiful site. White on red. I like it.

Pleased, I flipped over so I could see his face and he could see mine. I needed him to know I meant my words. “In that case, King, you should see it every day of my confinement.” He laughed, kissed me, and agreed. Yes, this confinement is not going to be pleasant, but it is deserved and King will make sure I feel both pain and a great deal of pleasure.


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