She argued a bit, but a nice, hard spanking took care of that willfuneImage result for nipple suctionss. I told her I wanted her nipples visible 24/7. Literally. For seven days she would not hide her lushous nips from my view or my touch. They would be plump, hard, and available. Tonight I was taking her out to dinner. Of course, she didn’t know that we were going to the Mansion in Lexington. Besides, being “forced” to do something outside of her comfort zone always makes her wet and  puts her into submind. I began by choosing her dress – a dark blue soft thing with a very low V neckline which is easily pushed down to expose not only her nipples, but her rather large breasts. After the spanking I attached the nipple suctions which make her already large nipples even puffier. They practically beg to be sucked on! They stayed on while I fucked her. The moment I pushed my cock into her hot body she exploded around me. She came three more times before I emptied my balls inside of her. I always make sure she comes before I do! I wanted her soft tonight, and dripping. Once I came, I removed the suckers then used my mouth instead – honestly, how could I resist!!! She came several more times. Then, I told her it was time to get dressed. She gathered her dress, shoes, and jewelry (no underclothing!) then showered. While she applied her make-up, I again attached the suckers. She started to object again, but a slap against her breasts ended her complaints. I watched the clock carefully, and after ten minutes, released her nips. When she stood before me, I thought her nipples could actually poke holes through the thin fabric! On the drive to the Mansion, I told her what I would like for the evening – and, to my surprise, she agreed to everything. Voice restriction. Complete obedience. Any infraction would result in magnets on the nipples or wearing a rather large butt plug. When we pulled up in front of the Mansion, she gave me a look that said, “You could have told me” and a smile. Immediately upon entering, we went to the sitting room. I pulled Sarah’s breasts free of her dress and was pleased to see her nipples were still pointed and puffy. I allowed every dominant there, man or woman, to use her nipples however they liked while I sipped an extremely fine glass of cabernet. Nothing gets me harder than watching Sarah’s discomfort at being displayed publically unless it’s watching Sarah’s obedience to my commands. I whispered a few words to Mae Clancey, the co-owner of the Mansion. The Garden room was available. I gave Mae a list of items I would like. She assured me that within thirty minutes, the room would be set up to my expectations. I sat in a large, leather chair, watching Sarah as her nipples were tweaked and sucked on by other guests. Before touching her, they had each looked at me for permission, which I happily gave. Sarah never took her eyes from mine. One woman, a regular, had her submissive kneel between Sarah’s legs. when I nodded, she pushed up Sarah’s skirt and ordered the man to make her come. Sarah’s eyes widened, but when I smiled at her, she offered no resistance. The man must have had a magic tongue because within moments Sarah’s eyes closed, her head tilted back, and she moaned. My cock swelled uncomfortably as I watched her body tremble with pleasure. Then came the true beauty. She spoke. “Oh god, Yes! yes!” she cried out. In a flash I was out of my chair and pulling her to her feet. “You broke a rule, my love,” I scolded.


She closed her eyes and dropped her head but not before I saw the blush rising on her cheeks. I spun her around and bent her over the couch. The Manison is always well stocked and accommodating. I asked a server for lube, which he handed to me immediately. I worked the lube into her bumhole, pleased by her wetness. When I began to push the large plug into her she cried out, but accepted her punishment willingly enough. By the time it was seated, the thirty minutes were up and I said goodbye to the others then escorted m lovely, shame faced submissive to the Garden Room.

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