Carnival Ball 2

We arrived home and I was eager to be rid of my finery. Sir helped me out of my shoes, headdress, and dress, but left me in the stockings, corset, chastity device, and mask. Ag46cf7501fc228135d6cfb244afdde8a6ain, he clipped my nipples, saying he wanted them tender when he sucked on them. He liked whem they were bright red and puffy. I could say nothing, my chin held captive by the mask, and so I simply nodded. He undressed slowly, watching me closely. I stood, wiggling my thighs together, eager to be released from the chastity device and for the metal plugs to be repaced by his cock. He laughed, seeing this. He unlocked the waist lock, but before removing the device, he had me spread my legs wide. He manipulated the anal plug so that it was no longer locked into the metal band. When he removed the device, the plug stayed in me. Taking my wrists he tied them together then attwristsached the long rope to the headboard. He helped me lie down and told me to spread my legs. I whined, but did as he said. With the first lick of his hot tongue, I gushed, arched my back as much as the corset would allow and shattered. He reached up, grabbed the chain between the nipple clips, and as he gently bit down on my swollen clit, yanked the clips free. I screamed from the beautiful pain as the strongest orgasm I’d every had crashed over me. Once I had come back to earth, he climbed on top of me, filling me with his cock. Between his massiveness and the plug still in my ass, I could not have been more full. He sucked my nipples, teased and tweaked them with his strong fingers, and fucked me. Slowly. Gently, Deeply. His voice taunted me, asking if I wanted to touch him, kiss him, suck that cock that was so deep inside of me, taste our mingled flavors. Tears flowed down beneath the mask, because everything he said was true. Finally, I felt a change in him, an urgency. He grew even larger and his breathing turned to panting as he emptied his beautiful, perfect jewels inside of me. Only then did he release me from the mask and kiss me. He whispered to me, “Three more times I will make love to you, once for each of your bonds. Next time I come, you can pick which you want to be free of – the corset, the rope, or the plug. Of course, it will take some time for me to gain my strength, so choose carefully.”

Sir is diabolically perfect.

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