Peppermint Punishment

DPKhB8CX0AArdVqI have displease Milord. I went two days without anything in my ass, thus breaking a Winter Rule.

Milord was gone for work for five days and I neglected to send him pictures of my ass being filled. Did I knowing break this rule? Of course I did. I was angry that he had left, felt abandoned, and lonely. This was my way of snubbing my nose at him and letting him know that I didn’t have to follow stupid rules. Did I actually say those words to him? Sadly, yes. As soon as they were out of my mouth I regretted it. He then asked me, with all seriousness, if I wanted to renegotiate our Rules. I began to cry, sunk to my knees, and answered honestly. No. I did NOT want to renegotiate. I wanted, more than anything, to be held accountable for both my words and my actions. “In that case,” he said. “I’ll be back in three minutes. During that time you will strip and resume kneeling.” I did as he said, naturally. He came back holding our largest plug – one made of steel. He set it on a table in plain sight, then opened up a small vial. As he scolded me, he slowly dripped the oil onto the plug. The sweet smell of peppermint filled the room. He continued to scold me and I began to cry. Once the plug was glistening with oil, he ordered me to lie prone on the floor and to spread my legs wide. Slowly he inserted the plug. At first all I felt was cold, then the burn started. I cried even more, the burn shooting straight to my core. Milord ordered me to kneel again, which I hastily did. He unzipped his jeans, grabbed my hair, and began to fuck my mouth.

“You’ve disappointed me” Deep thrust.

“I trusted you to obey” Deep thrust

“Apparently, I can’t trust you and will need to instill a greater degree of discipline in you” Deep thrust.

I have no idea what was wetter, my face or my pussy. I listened to his words, ashamed of myself. I tasted his cock, thrilled. I felt the ungodly burn in my ass, grateful for his return.

He pulled out and I moaned. He worked himself and said, “Look at me, slut. Keep looking at me. You’re going to be sorry, very sorry, you disobeyed me, that you doubted me. You feel that burn? You’d better get used to it. You’ll keep that in you for an hour. Every. Fucking. Day.” The first burst of hot cream landed on my face. “Then, I’m going to fuck you, make you come until you beg me for mercy.” More come on my face. “And once I finishe with you, I’m going to rub more peppermint oil onto that well used, tender pussy.” Another string of come. “and I’ll enjoy hearing you cry and you’ll know I love you.”

“Yes, Milord. I will.”

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