Formal Affair

So we have to attend this formal thing for Milord’s work. A Holiday Dinner. For some reason, I have no idea why, he thinks I may get a bit out of hand. Nonetheless721b78d4a5f6ad6bb9bd5f8ed97445da, I mean, it’s not like I don’t know how to behave in public. I picked out a lovely (and very appropriate) dress which I knew he’d approve of. I decided to put my hair up in a classic French roll and apply understated make-up. Nonetheless, Milord wanted me to remember that my behavior reflected upon him. That I had willingly given him power over my body (TPE). And, even though he had every confidence in the world that he would, as always, be proud of me, he wanted to make sure I had a few “reminders”. At this word, I couldn’t help but grin. I ADORE his reminders!! He hands me a package and I rip it open. Lingerie! Very pretty Lingerie!! I’m confused. How is this a reminder? Then I look inside the cups of the bra and the crotch of the panties. I turn a little pale. “Really?” I whined.

He just looks at me and crosses his arms. I put on the garments and begin to squirm. He pulls me over his lap and begins to spank me – hard – reminding me that I will be the perfect wife. I will present myself as poised. I will not wiggle or complain or squirm. I will show no outward sign of agitation. By the time he finished, I would have agreed to anythingd902360cfbb1a5e618571facc3e5a1a0! My ass was on fire!! Not only would the sandpaper lining the cups of my bra and the crotch of my panties irritate (and arouse) me, but now my tender ass would do the same!! He slid me between his knees and released his cock. Oh yes!! I sucked for all I was work. Somehow I kept thinking that if I could get him off he’d return the favor! Silly me. I did get him off and he let me swallow every bit of him, but then he helped me to my feet and told me to finish getting dressed. I must admit, I looked spectacular and every so proper. It was hell all evening, though. I was sure every time I stood up that there would be a wet spot visible on my dress! Five hours later we were back in our bedroom and we were naked in each other’s arms. “You did well tonight,” he praised. “Well enough for a reward?” I asked. He cupped my pink and irritated breasts in his hands, kissed each bullet nipple, and said, “Definitely.”

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