He comes home and says the words that always make me tremble. Yes, I’m submissive, and Yes, He is my Lion, but we’re busy people and so we rarely live the lifestyle 24/7. That is until he says the words. “Are you willing to Submit?” I have a choice. I can say No, not today. I have, in fact said that before, but not tonight. Tonight, I want this more than I want oxygen. I fall to my knees, look up at him, and say, “Yes.” I unzip his trousers and do my duty. I worship his cock as a sign of my submission. In truth, I wish our schedules would wortumblr_olow54pxmy1vdwq0co1_1280k so that I could do this every day. There’s not much I love more than the feel of his silky steel hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I cradle his jewels and suck him in deeply. I keep him there, sucking, looking up at him. “You’re off work tomorrow?” he asks. I blink once – yes. We worked out this code – once for yes, twice for no – so that I don’t have to stop but can still answer him. “Good,” he says, his voice growing raspy. “I took the day off as well. Submit until you dress for work again.” My heart is so full now it’s leaking through my body and dripping onto my panties. I blink once. He pushes me back slightly and I reluctantly release his cock. I can’t help but to stare at it. Majestic, slick with my saliva, glorious. He reaches down, unzips my dress and pulls it off. “Hands,” he says. I look up at him, a tad disappointed because I so very much wanted his cock back in my mouth. Instead, I obey. I use my hands on him. I see his balls tighten and open my mouth, eager for his taste. “No. Lean back.” He laughs and takes is cock in his own hands. A moment later he sprays himself across my breac4fbqtdwqaqhwansts. The hot cream practically scalds my skin and I gasp, my eyes never leaving his. “I want you covered in my cum,” he says, another stream hitting my skin. “I want to see it dried on your skin, dripping from your cunt, running down your chin.” He grinds out the last word and I know he’s serious. I smile up at him, thrilled to be his target. He bends down, kisses me on my mouth, hard and demanding. He helps me to my feet. I start to take off my bra, but he stops me, telling me he likes the look of my tits high and proud, covered in his milky white cream. I help him remove his jacket and tie while he tucks his cock back into his trousers. I ask if he’d like a drink, and he says, “Yes, thank you.” As I drop ice into a glass, I can’t help but smile. His cum is not dry and tight on my skin, a feeling both uncomfortable and comforting. He’s in no hurry and neither am I. We’ve got just over 24 hours to play, so there’s no need to rush.

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