Happy Birthday, America. To celebrate, Mister and I had a lovely romp this morning, complete with a nice long spanking, a good, strong fucking, and lots of hot, slow kissing. Then, we went for a walk in the woods behind our property, enjoyed a picnic, and then Mister wanted to practice some new Shibari techniques. Being a naturally shy person, I HATE when he makes me remain nude while outside of the house, even though we live well off the beaten path and own much of the19394705._SY540_ surrounding land around our home. He smiled when he saw me blush as I removed my clothing, enjoying my embarrassment, but also enjoying the fact that I obeyed without complaint. He bound my arms in front of me and to my left leg. The walk home was awkward, but his hand on my arm prevented me from misstep and the twig snapping at my thighs and calves kept me moving. When we arrived home, he untied me, kissed me told me how beautiful I was :). Sigh. After that, he made love to me again, gently, slowly, with every attention to detail until I came so many times I begged him to come and to give me mercy. He did, pulling out of my pussy and pressing into my anus. I came – hard and fast (I always do when he takes my ass!). He told me that He was going to make sure I had cum in every orifice today. Then, he filled my bottom with his sweetness.

Now, he has told me to lie on my stomach on the plastic covered dining room table. I do, still naked (he refused to allow me clothing after the hike!). Then, he lights a variety of candles. I’ve always been apprehensive about wax play, but tonight, I’m excited by it. He stands in front of me, also nude, his beautiful cock right in front of my face. He tells me to take it and not to let it leave my mouth until he comes. I reach out my hands and cup his beautiful balls. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier. I LOVE his cock in my mouth!!! Slowly, he begins to drip hot, colorful wax on my back and bottom, creating, he says, his very own fireworks. I jump a bit with each fresh drip, the heat searing my skin, but I trust him not to burn me. All I really think about is his cock. The length filling my mouth,  his soft skin against my tongue, my hands massaging his lovely gems. Back and forth I move my head, savoring his taste, his groans, his texture. I feel the wax harden on my skin, but it’s second to the pleasure I’m receiving from being allowed to suck him this long. Just when my jaw begins to ache I feel his balls tighten. A moment later, he comes one final time. His sweetness fills my mouth and slides easily down my throat and I gulp thirstily. What a perfect way to end the day.


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