Plugged in Public

“But I don’t want to do this!” Jane shrieked.

Kyle ignored her. This was part of the game. pinnedShe complained, he reacted. As long as she didn’t say “Ice Cream” it was a go. He pushed her head wrists in one hand and smacked her creamy, plump ass with the other. She squirmed and whimpered, but when he check her slit he found it as wet as he’d expected.

“Keep it up, young lady, and I’ll take your underwear away as well,” he threatened. Promised really. They both knew he’d never threatened. He warned and promised.

“Fifty more swats. Count in tens for me,” he ordered. Jane sobbed but obeyed. She almost always did. It wouldn’t be any fun if she obeyed all the time. After each ten, Kyle stopped, ran his fingers over her slit and pushed them deep insider her dripping pussy. He gather wetness and then pushed it inside of her asshole. His cock hardened at the sight of her wiggling, red bottom and at the thought of what he was planning on doing to her.

“Please, Kyle. Don’t make me go out like this,” she begged.

“Let’s do the last twenty all at once, shall we?”

Now not only her ass, but her upper thighs were red as well. Yep. That pinkness should last little while – at least an hour or so. Her whimpering continued, but she’d stopped wiggling away, a sure sign that Jane’s mind frame was just about where he wanted it to me. Soft. Compliant. Submissive.

He finished her spankings and again pushed wetness into her tight anus. Then, he pressed the tip of the plug, something new he’d picked up on his way home from work. He hadn’t allowed her to see it. It was slightly bigger than what she was used to, but he’d been training her tight little ass for weeks now, and he knew she was ready for it. Jane raised her hips slightly and Kyle praised her. Her training was paying off. He knew she her body was acting on instinct how. The spanking had relaxed her somewhat, but the feel of the plug against her wet hole was now a trigger. She pressed against the hard steel, her body stretching to accommodate tumblr_n6dxm4WqwO1td88ywo1_540the girth. A moment later, all that could be seen of the large, steel plug was the pretty jewel. His cock was so hard, he’d never make it through dinner.

“That’s perfect, Jane. Now, turn around. You’ve been such a good girl I’m going to let you suck me off. Make sure you swallow it all, or no panties tonight at the restaurant. You don’t want that, do you?”

“No, sir.”

Kyle closed his eyes as she took him in her hot mouth. Seriously, he really was the luckiest man in the world.


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