Talk Back

Don’t talk back. Discuss, yes. But never talk back in a flippant or rude manner. Consequences will be immediate. Let me demonstrate. I said, “Do you know where my good shirt is?” You responded with, “How the hell should I know?”  This is unacceptable. To teach you not to have a potty mlubricationouth, first you will lubricate your Reminder. While you are doing that, I will bend you have my knee.

This is not for your pleasure, and you will keep that Reminder in your mouth. Yes, I hear your sobs but they will not soften my resolve.

rolling up sleeves

Now that you bottom is red and my hand sore, give me your Reminder. Relax, because it is going in whether you like it or not. There. Now, stand up, pull up your pants and REMEMBER to always behave like a lady and to never talk back.






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