TPE for 24 hours – 2

I recovered quickly, at least physically. My mind was still in a fog, a very pleasant fog. Kaleb and brought a small plate filled with fruit and cheese for me and while I nibbled, the men talked about something. I honestly have no idea what. Every now and then, one of them would reach over and pinch a nipple, flick my clit, or finger fuck me. It was an out of body experience of pleasure.

“Come on,” Aidan said and grabbed my hand. He led me to the dinning room where he bent me over the table. He had me stretch my arms in front of me and warned me to stay put. I nodded happily. He and Kaleb then sat at the table and devoured a pizza and one beer each.

“So, do I get a go at that ass?” Kaleb asked. My head swiveled up to look at Aidan.

He grinned and said, “Whenever you’re ready, bud. That’s why she’s been plugged. I wanted to make sure she was stretched enough to accommodate your girth. Here, let me take that plug out now and add a bit more of the desensitizing lube for you.”

My mouth hung open. Kaleb was indeed wide whereas Aidan was thick and long.

Sure enough, Aidan slowly removed the plug then added a generous amount of lube to my backside. He came to sit in front of me while Kaleb eased himself inside my tight tunnel. I squeaked and Aidan grabbed my hands.

“You’re doing great. Keep your eyes open and on me, Kim. Come as much as you like.”

Kaleb was a monster. He fucked me hard and fast. Looking up into my husband’s eyes and proud face, I exploded, screaming Aidan’s name as his brother fucked and slapped my ass.

“Jesus she’s tight!” Kaleb ground out.

Aidan nodded and grinned, I glanced down and could see his cock standing at full attention.

“Please,” I begged.

“Shhh. Not a word. What? You want my cock too? Sadly, you’re going to have to wait,” he murmured.

Tears spilled over my cheeks as Kaleb continued to pound away. I though about how good Aidan’s cock would taste and I came again. This time, Kaleb grunted and as I road my wave down, he pulled out of my ass. I felt hot, ropy spurts of cum paint my lower back and ass.

Before I could regain my breath, The men had changed placed. Kaleb was now in front of me, holding my hands and smiling smugly.

Aidan was behind me, his cock already in my ass. The tears were flowing down my cheeks now but whether from humiliation or pleasure I couldn’t tell.

“Damn, Aid. You’ve got yourself one hell of a woman here,” Kaleb complimented.

For some reason, his words pleased me greatly and I again came. Aidan laughed, agreed, slapped my ass, and fucked me even harder. By the time he filled this hole with his cream, I was beyond any thought, my body boneless and exhausted.

They left me there, sprawled across the table, as they went to shower. Cum was leaking down my thighs, but Aidan had ordered me not to move. so, I stayed there, napping a bit, until I heard his footsteps return. He bend over the table and kissed my shoulders. I felt his clothing on my bare skin.

“Come here, Kim. Kaleb was right, you are one hell of a woman. Let me help you stand and pull your dress over you again. Good.” He kissed my lips. I swayed, dazed. “Now, kiss Kaleb good night. We’re going home.” I obeyed and Aidan helped me into the back of the same car.

As soon as we were seated, he again pushed my dress aside, fully exposing both breasts. The driver, thank goodness, kept his eyes on the road. Only when we pulled up to my building did Aiden tuck them back into the dress. By the time we arrived at my aparment, I was somewhat recovered.

Aiden curled his body against mine in my bed, kissed me, and finger fucked me. I moaned and murmured that I didn’t think I could come any more. He laughed and said he didn’t care. I was his. If he wanted to play, he would. I came. Hard.

“Well done. Now, Get down there and suck on me. I’m not going to come again, but I want to feel your mouth on my cock as I fall asleep.”

Before obeying, I gave him a quick peck on the cheek. I knew HE would like this TPE, but I hadn’t realized just how much I’d enjoy it.

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