“But we just had Saturday Maintenance!” I exclaim.

“Then you should have remembered to behave. You know better than to bring up politics with my father! I’d understand if you were simply standing up for your beliefs, but for you to bring up matters you know will cause a ruckus! No, Wife. You will be punished. Now, strip and go to my office,” Husband explained calmly.

Huffing, I did as he said knowing full well that if I didn’t, things would get a lot worse. My ass was still stinging from yesterday’s maintenance which had included a paddling with his ruler, fifty hand swats, and, naturally, being taken in the ass (which I actually really love!) I also knew he was 1000% right. I KNEW better than to bring up politics with his crazy ass father whom we had dinner with almost every Sunday.

I stood in front of his desk, hands flat on the smooth wooden surface, feet wide apart, and totally nude and waited. A long ass time, I waited. Nearly an hour I waited! By the time I heard the door open and Husband walk in, I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Open your mouth.”

I did so. He inserted a ball gag and buckled it around my head.

“To remind you to keep your mouth shut about politics,” he explained.

I heard him doing something, then his hand came down HARD on my tender bottom. I squealed behind the gag.

“Hurt, didn’t it? Good. I’m wearing my spanking gloves,” he stated as his hand continued to rain down hard blows on my ass. “These will protect my hand so that I can go longer with this spanking. By the time I finish, your ass, inner thighs, pussy, and maybe even your tits will all be red and swollen.”

I moaned. I had given him those gloves as a birthday gift. They were soft leather, but thickly ridged across the palm and thumb. They were also nicely padded with fleece, so he would, indeed, be able to hand spank me for a very long time!

Suddenly, the spanking stopped and I felt his fingers dipping into my wet tunnel. Despite the discomfort of the spanking, I was still quite aroused!

“Just what I thought,” he murmured. “It hurts, but you like it.”

I couldn’t answer, but I nodded.

“Like this as well?”

He pressed first one then two lubricated fingers into my ass. I was still sore there as well, thanks to yesterday’s maintenance. Husband requires that every maintenance end with a good ass fucking. Now, he was pressing my own wetness into that tight hole.

I dropped my head down to the desktop.

SWAT!!! I yelped and jerked back into position. “You know better,” he scolded and continued to spank.

He was scolding me over and over again, but I could hear him over the sound of leather on flesh and the fire raging across my skin.

“Five to your puss.”

I bit into the gag and squealed, dancing from foot to foot and he slapped my labia with, thank god, a lighter, but still firm, hand.

Again, he scooped up my own moisture and pressed it into my ass. He scissored his fingers while slapping my upper thighs. I was sobbing now, tears and snot running down my face and plopping onto his desktop.

Finally, he stopped. “Turn around and lie down, ass on the edge,” he ordered.

I obeyed. He unzipped his trousers and pushed them to the ground. Without gentleness or viciousness, he first lifted my legs to his shoulders then purposely pressed his hard cock into my now lubed and still tender back hole. He kept one hand on my shoulder holding me in place. With the other, he began to slap my tits, matching the rhythm of his thrusts. He took his time, so I knew this would not be quick. I didn’t want him to be quick. I had screwed up and felt horribly ashamed.

“You will learn to not start something that I am more than willing to finish,” he lectured.

Why the hell do I feel so terrible when he lectures me yet, at the same time, I crave his words???

Luckily, the ball gag was one with holes in it because my nose was completely stuffed up as I continued to sob.

I glanced down and saw my breasts were strawberry red, but he had, finally, stopped slapping them. He gave one final deep thrust and pumped his seed deep inside of me. A moment later he pulled out, much to my horror.

He helped me up, kissed my head, and removed the gag.


I stood there, my entire body electrified, feeling no longer ashamed, but warm inside and forgiven. I heard him zip his trousers and sit at his desk, then I heard clicks of his keyboard. I remained in place for what seemed like a very long time. When he finally released me, I went to him, knelt, and asked permission to thank him.

With his hand on my head and my mouth on his cock, he said, “Well done. I wish this had been the first time you’ve done this, though. I don’t think one punishment will teach you.”

I moaned, looked up, and kept my lips around his cock. Slowly, I pushed downward until my lips meet his base.

“No,” he crooned as he played with my hair. “For the rest of the week, Wife, I will be using only your ass. I do love when your eyes go all wide like that. You won’t like it, but you will obey me, won’t you?”

He tapped my head, his signal to sit back on my knees. Glancing down, I saw my tits had faded to a rosy hue. My ass, thighs, and labia were still tingling and swollen. My asshole was stretched and tender. “No, Husband, I won’t like it. But yes, I will obey you.”

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