Epiphany with Milord

As per our way, Milord informed me that he would be having special guests over on January 6 to celebrate Epiphany. I was to bath in water scented with frankincense and Myrrh, and then put on only what he had laid on the bed for me. Then, I was to act as his hostess. Naturally, I complied because ONE, I adore complying with Milord’s decrees and TWO, I adore these evenings with his friends.

Not knowing what else to expect from the evening as my regular hostessing duties included everything from offering his guests appetizers, beverages, blow jobs, or whatever else Milord thought appropriate, I cleaned EVERYTHING in the bath and made sure all my tasty bits were cleaned and properly oiled. I then went to see what I would be wearing.

It was BEAUTIFUL! I should have known it would be something GOLD!! Yes, it was revealing, but every guest here would have seen me completely nude, tied up, and had their cock, hands, and toys in or on my body before. I was a bit surprised that the “skirt” didn’t easily lift up, but I had no doubt Milord had chosen this particular body harness/dress for a particular reason.

Once the guests arrived and each had a beverage of his or her choice in hand, I quickly learned that reason.

“Welcome again my friends and happy Epiphany to you all. You may have noticed the lovely outfit my darling is wearing tonight. It’s more than just and outfit, however, it is also a gift for all of you. You see, these pretty gold chains are detachable,” he informed us all.

I looked at him, wide eyed and silent. He simply smiled at me and patted my ass.

“Each time you make my darling here come, cry actual tears to fall, or cry out with either pleasure or punishment, you will be gifted one of her chains. We’ll begin with the ‘skirt’ and work our way up. Once her leather straps are freed of their chains, you may then use them to bind her as you choose since they snap together, or you may use them to mark her as you choose.”

My mouth dropped open. He looked at me with his eyebrows raised in question. I could also back out of this. I knew that. I also knew all of the people present and trusted them to follow his rules as much as I trusted him to protect me.

I gave one nod to signal my agreement. I was rewarded by him reaching a hand down and fingering my wet puss while he continued his explanation.

“As you are all aware of her safeword, I trust you to abide by it. I would also remind you that her asshole belongs only to me. If, however, you would like to plug it, simply ask. Now, enjoy the evening.”

Five hours later, I was a mess – physically that is. I had come so many times my legs were jelly. My thighs, ass, and breasts were marked from multiple strappings, I did, indeed, have a plug in my ass, my own dried juices coated my thighs, my wrists were bound to each other and them again to my golden collar, and my cheeks were marked with the tracks of many, many tears. I felt incredible, invincible, and indescribably proud as Milord shook hands with the last guest to leave.

He closed the door and lifted me into his arms, the first time he’d touched me since early in the evening. “Now, are you ready for me?”

“Oh gods above, yes, Milord. Yes.”

“Good. Because I’m about to explode right now. Will you keep in that collar for a bit longer?”

The collar was heavier than my usual one, but not uncomfortable.

“Yes, Milord.”

“On your knees, then. This won’t take me long. Then, I’m going to carry you to our bed where, once I’m hard again, I’ll take my time with that ass.”

I felt yet another gush of wetness surge onto my labia and thighs. Kneeling, I looked up at him, my hands still locked into place, smiled, and said, “Yes, Milord.”

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