Behavior Incentive

You’re with Me

We’ve been down this road before. The last time, with the proper incentive, you behaved perfectly. You were your charming, intelligent, confident self. I couldn’t have been prouder of you. Answer me honestly. Which part – the spanking, the fucking, or the plug most reminded you of how to behave properly.

Really? All of them? It wouldn’t have been as effective if I’d used only one incentive? Well, in that case, let’s do something similar, shall we? On the bed. That’s it. Now, I’m going to clip your wrists to your ankles.  Perfect.

You’ve behaved as a brat rarely, so let’s lower the count to 20. I know – that’s 80% less than last time, but this time, the spanking will not be on your ass, but you kitten. Yes, I know you’re spread wide. Make sure you keep your feet nice and wide for me. Break position and I will start over from 1.

Count. Good. We’re up to 5 and you’re crying already? Poor girl. Looking forward to that ass getting fucked are you? Go ahead. Cry all you want. Ten more to go. Look how lovely your kitten is when it’s so read and swollen. Five left. Oh my. Do you HEAR that wet sloppy sound when my hand comes down this hard.

Have I mentioned how much I love hearing you scream my name? There.  All done. Ready for part two of your incentive? Your kitten has leaked so much honey that I’m going to use that to lube your back door.

That’s it. Jesus but you’re hot. And tight. Come, babe. Come all you want to. I adore the way your tits bounce when I fuck you. Of course I’ll play with them, babe. Whatever you want.  You are so perfect when you come so hard like this. Ready for me now?

Gods but that was intense. Yes, you will wear a plug all night long. It will stay there until I take it out. I know it’s just a ZOOM meeting with my brother and his wife, but I want you to stay focused.

Push down, babe. It’s almost in. There. Doesn’t that look lovely! I’m going to release your wrists but leave the cuffs on. Now – go fix your face if you want to. Personally, I don’t think you could possibly look more lovely. No, I’m not removing the cuffs. You’ll just have to keep your hands out of the camera’s range.

Oh, and just put on a t-shirt. You can also add a bra if you’d like. No, nothing on your bottom half. You will sit next to me on the couch during the family meeting. They won’t know that your poor kitty has been so abused or that your ass is very full. Yes, I wbdsmlr-82823-qd68QeLZkxill play with you if I want to or perhaps pinch your clit if you misbehave.

Trust me, this incentive will be nothing compared to the punishment if the family notices you behaving oddly.

I love you, too, babe. You’re welcome.



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