Belt Mood

I believe I’m in the mood for a belting. I know I will regret this – okay, not really, but I have a love/hate relationship with Milord’s Belt. It hurts like a mother and I will be marked for days, but the smell of the leather, the sound of that soft leather slapping against my skin, and the knowledge that HE has worn that belt all day is simply intoxicating.  So, as per our  New Year Rules 2020 , when I offer my ass to Milord for a spanking, I will have his belt trapped between my teeth. Or maybe draped across my bottom.


Luckily, Milord accepted the offer of my ass for a spanking AND accepted my suggestion of his belt. After the fifth slap of the leather, I was in tears and all the stress of the day washed from my body. Milord must have sensed this because while he continued to spank me, the force of the belting lightened. Nonetheless, today my ass is still quite tender and a bit swollen. It feels wonderful.

Once he finished, I begged to suck his cock as a show of appreciation for his attention and according to our rules. He accepted and warned me to make sure to get his cock good and wet. It would soon be in my ass. While I attended to him, he scooped up a finger full of lube and worked it into my bum hole as well. Gratitude filled my body. He didn’t need to do this, but he refuses to use my ass unless it is well lubricated. He says he doesn’t mind – in fact enjoys – giving me pain since I derive such pleasure from it, but he will never take a chance on harming me.

Far too soon he pulled out of my mouth and instructed me to again get on the bed, belly down. He eased himself into my bum, squeezing my very well spanked ass. I moaned, loving every millimeter of him. Slowly, he fucked me, making love to my ass, occasionally landing a sharp slap on my aching behind. Only after I had come did he fuck me harder, deeper, fiercer. There was no mercy shown. He wanted me to feel him then and later. He wanted me to know the depths of his love.

I slept wrapped in his arms, my bum a tender testament to my obedience and his dominion.





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