Saturday Maintenance

It’s time. I said. That was all I needed to say. I watched as Clarice’s eyes darkened. She nodded then went into the Formal Living room. I waited ten minutes precisely.

The sight that greeted me was a vision of submissive beauty. She was nude, kneeling, her eyes downcast, her knees spread wide. I stood before her and looked down as she unzipped my trousers and released my throbbing cock.

Her hot, wet mouth encompassed my girth and she slowly worked my length


down her throat. As only she can, she sucked my cock, making sure to massage my heavy balls with her hands while gently applying pressure to my perineum. Up and down she bobbed her head until the head of her mouth, the beauty of her movements, and the touch of her hands exploded my world and I came down her exquisite throat.

Once she had swallowed it all and licked my cock clean, she carefully tucked me back inside my trousers and zipped me up. I learned a long time ago that if I don’t release before maintenance, I’ll not make it through without coming.

Clarice then put her hands on the floor while I walked around to her rear. First, the warm up – ten minutes of hand spanking until her bottom is a lovely shade of pink.

Are you ready? I ask.

I am.

I opened the locked chest and retrieve my instrument of choice. Today – a wooden paddle.

Do we go for a set time or tears?

The choice is yours, Sir.

Tears it is. 

Thank you, Sir





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