Celebrate St. Andrew’s Day

November 30 is, indeed, St. Andrew’s Day, also Scotland’s national day! Obviously, this must be celebrated. St. Andrew was, supposedly, crucified on a cross turned sideways – not a pleasant way to go!!

My Lion, however, decided to honor his heritage in a much more pleasant way. First, he invited a few friends over for a traditional Scottish dinner of rabbit pie, turnips, carrots, and a bread pudding for dessert. I had eaten previously and was waiting in


the playroom tied to a traditional St. Andrew’s cross by both my wrists and ankles.

Lion had also provided me with a blindfold. When he and his guests finally made it into the playroom, I was a bundle of nerves and anticipation. They chatted about every day things until Lion invited one and all to “have at me” using any of the provided implements or their own hand.

I cringed, knowing well the assortment of whips, floggers, paddles, and other “toys” they would have at their disposal. First, a woman stepped up to the plate with a soft flogger. Nonetheless, after about ten minutes I was beginning to feel the burn. Luckily, she handed off to another man. Lion insisted on a five minute rest in between “strikers” so that I could recover. During this time, he ran his fingers over my ass, back, breasts, and, bless him, my slit. Twice I came.

After each of his three guests had their turn and my bottom, thighs, and back were hot, Lion unbound me. I could barely stand. I was grateful when he had me lie on the floor. For some reason, he had me lie on my back and skoot so that my head was in the corner. Then, one by one, he lifted my ankles and again bound them to the cross, this time, though, to the long tethers suspended from the top of the cross. My ass was raised slightly and I was totally exposed.

“There, my friends. What do you think of this angle?” he asked.

My face flamed and was probably as red as my ass.

“Lovely. May I spank that?” one man asked.

“Of course,” Lion answered to my chagrin. “That’s the purpose. Once we have all had our fun with her spread legs, I’ll move the cross to the center of the room and re-position her once more bent over the middle of the cross. By then she’ll be quite primed.”

“Any conditions for use?” the woman asked.

“The gentlemen are welcome to come on her body, but not inside. Or, if you prefer, they may warm up with her and then fuck you.”

The woman clapped and laughed. “I certainly would prefer if at least one of you gentlemen does that!”

“Oh, that can certainly be arranged,” a second man stated. “Lion, will you also partake?”

“Of course, but only after my guests have had their fill.” I sighed with relieve at this. “But I believe I will take her ass tonight. I fucked her pussy this morning, and once every few days is more than enough for that. It’s important for her state of mind that I ass fuck her at least twice as often as I use her puss.”

I dropped my head, ashamed that he was, indeed, correct.

An hour later, Lion finally released me. My body was covered with cum and Lion’s dripped from an anus. The guest had left and Lion held me in his arms.

“Did you enjoy St. Andrew’s day,” he asked.

“Yes,” I murmured, almost asleep. “Very much so. Can we celebrate again next year?”

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