Maintenance clips

Autumn Rules 2019

My bottom was still sore from Milord’s new crop, but today is Maintenance, and so our rules simply m1pair-metal-nipple-clamps-with-gold-bells-breast-clip-s-m-bdsm-bondage-sex-toy-for-couple-women-sex-shop-fetish-wear-erotic-toy-171001ust be followed. Milord offered to wait until tomorrow, but I wouldn’t hear of it. I actually look forward to Maintenance Morning. It’s such a satisfying way to begin the weekend!

Nonetheless, because off the tenderness of my bottom, Milord chose an alternate way to maintain my attitude. First, he clipped my nipples with small but remarkably loud bells. Every move I made set off the jingles.

Next, he handed me a sharp knife and a thick finger of ginger. My eyes wide, I looked at him. He lgingerooked at me and raised his eyebrows. Sighing with resignation, I peeled and carved the fig and handed it to him. He bent me over the kitchen counter and inserted it. I closed my eyes, knowing I didn’t have long to wait for the spicy burn to begin.

Then, I felt something pinch one of my nether lips. I jumped and received a sharp smack on my lower thigh. The second lip was pinched and I heard another jingle.

Move away from me again and I’ll make your thighs as tender as your bottom.

I had no doubt of his words and so I stayed perfectly still, awaiting his next command.

Good. Now, you’ll kneel down, keeping your thighs a goodly distance apart so that labia clip and dangle properly. Keep your ass tight and that fig in place. Good. Now open your mouth, my love. Once I come, all of your pretties will be removed, but know this. I jacked off in the shower earlier, so it may be a while before I find my release.

I do love just how creative Milord truly is.Labia Clip - Bow with Goldtone Bell Charm

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