Tension Release – 2

Tension Release.  

Meghan knew shImagee would not need the safe word, but appreciated D’s reminder that it was hers to use if she desired. No, tonight she wanted to be nothing more than a body – his body – to enjoy and feel only what he chose to give her.

He slid his fingers down her slit then back up. Down and Up. Down and Up. Soon, she was panting with need.

“Come when I tell you and only when I tell you,” D warned.

Meghan nodded, too focused to answer. Down and Up. Down and Up. They both knew she’d lose this game, but where was the fun in giving up too soon.

Until D flicked her swollen clit. Her fingers clawed at the cold, stone wall and she exploded, drenching his hand in her juices.

“You’re too hot. I need to cool you off it would seem.”

I closed my eyes. I HATED temperature play, but I LOVED that D made me endure it. This was proof of my obedience, my willingness to give him all of my power. I heard him walk to the fridge and open the door.

“I made something special, my love. Ice pops. Now, First you will suck on it to make sure it’s nice and dripping. Then, I’ll run it over your hot body to cool it off.”

I moaned, both loving and hating his words.

“Then,” he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head back. My mouth popped open and in went the ice pop. “It will go into your pussy for a short time. Won’t that be nice?”

He delivered several sharp, hard slaps to my ass. I nodded my agreement. He pulled the pop from my mouth and ran it down the center of my spine. I yelped and pressed even harder against the stone wall.

The cold invaded my pussy and I cried out, shocked by the temperaturImage result for ice pop dildoe difference. I cried a bit and began to beg for mercy.

“But you don’t really want mercy,” he correctly stated. “If you did, you’d use your safe word. and so I’ll continue. Now that your puss is cooled, it’s time for the final hole.”

“No, please, please, please,” I mumbled more to myself than to him.

I arched my back again, my head against the wall, and cried as he pressed the ice pop into my anus. He moved it in and out several times then ran it back up my spine.

“That’s my girl. Now,” he whispered. “Let’s put this back in your mouth until it’s all melted. Keep it there and be sure to bite down on the stick when it’s gone. You’re going to need it. Because now, my love, I believe it’s time for the flogger.”


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