A double edged sword

Milord has allowed me to wear lingerie – bra and pantumblr_nw2zisr6DW1sdxznzo1_500ties! However, there is a price to be paid – naturally.  First, I had to kneel before him and offer him fellatio which (thank the gods!) he accepted. Soon he was holding my head and fucking my mouth – irrumatio. He came, allow me to swallow his cream. Sadly, a small trickle ran down my chin.

Milord was unhappy with this and so was I. I knew I would be disciplined and knew I deserved it! I HATE wasting one drop of his essence!!! He ordered me to bend over a chair and proceeded to spank my ass – ten times one one cheek, then ten on the other. He then worked his fingers into my puss until I cried out his name and came. He kept fingering me until my entire body was shaking and I could no longer support myself. Luckily, the chair is quite sturdy.

He then worked his slick fingers into my ass. I jumped and whined which earned me another five smacks to each cheek.


“I was going to fuck your pussy, but you don’t deserve that reward, do you?”

“No, Milord.”

“No. You don’t. So no that I’m hard again, I’m going to fuck your ass until you come over and over again. It’s unlikely that I’ll come again, so this could go on for some time.”

“Yes, Milord.”

“And when Ruffle Sheer Elegant Maxi DressI’ve decided to stop, then you may get dressed and we’ll have a lovely evening, won’t we?”

Forty-five minutes later, on very wobbly legs, we began our lovely evening out.

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