A Dominant’s Pledge

  1. I pledge to put the needs of my submissive first and my needs second.

2. I pledge to put my wants first and my submissive’s second.

3. I pledge to first see to the safety and well being of my submissive.

4. I pledge to honor my submissive’s safe word and hard limits at all times.

5. I pledge to push my submissive’s soft limits as I see fit.

6. I pledge to respect my submissive’s mind, heart, soul, and body.

7. I pledge to stand by my promises.

8. I pledge to protect my submissive from any and all harm.

9. I pledge to be clear in my expectations.

10.  I pledge to never reprimand my submissive in anger.5c380e1fc4adf6cbcebb08fe2359f23a (1)


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