Punished with Pleasure

So the first time I purchased a Gift for Milord he gave permission for me to go to another town. This is why I assumed (yes, I realize the problem with assuming) that I had implicit permission the second time I purchased a gift. My mistake!!! My Rule SPECIFICALLY stated local, and since I did NOT have permission to go out of town the second time, I broke the rule – but only on a technicality!!! Naturally, Milord didn’t care that it was a technicality nor did he give warning. I simply had to pay the price.

I have to admit, no matter the punishment, this is one of the things I absolutely adore about MY LORD. He follows through. Each and every time. He does not let me get by with anything, thereby earning my respect over and over again.

For this punishment, I was required to wear only symbols of my submission for 24 hours. My collar, cuffs, nipple chains, ankle cuffs. To ensure I remained penitent, Milord also inserted a plug with a small O-ring on its base into my ass and attached a leash to my nipple chains. The O-ring ensure I could not actually sit. I had to stand, kneel or lie. Whenever Milord was not using the leash, he attached it to the O-ring. I was still required to complete all of my chores, naturally.

To show my gratitude for his reprimand, I knelt before him and sucked his magnificent cock until he blessed me by coming down my throat. He then had me lie on ttumblr_o7tgxcb5nh1u2y9pvo1_540he table and refused to let me up until I had come five times!! By then I was exhausted! Totally drained. He, of course, was hard again, which meant he had me first stand then bend over the table so he could fuck my pussy. He himself didn’t come, but again, he made me come over and over again until m legs would no longer support my shaking body. Only then did he give me a moment of rest before I had to clean his cock with my mouth.

This patterned continued throughout the day until I was nothing but an exposed, quiver nerve. Milord could just LOOK at me and I’d begin to come! I hadn’t thought that orgasm could be used as a form of discipline! Now I know!

This morning he removed the cuffs, plug and leash. He kissed me gently and made love to me with care. Now, driving to the local adult store, I’m feel no embarrassment, but rather, am humming with pride. I have the absolute best Dominate in the world!!!

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