First Fall Gift for Milord

As required in Fall Rules 2018, I drove myself to an Adult store. Luckily, Milord did not require that I go to the local one, so I went to one two hours away from home. Also as per our Fall Rules, I wore the golden chain connecting my nipple rings tucked snuggle in my bra (thank goodness I am allowed to wear lingerie this season!!). I wanted this first purchase to be something special, something that would reaffirm my love and respect for Milord. I searched the store twice over. Finally, the clerk asked if he could help with anything. I blushed and explained my dilemma. After all, this WAS an adult store! Surely I couldn’t be the only one to want to buy her Master a gift! The man nodded his understanding and asked some invasive yet perceptive questions. Eventually, he said that he might have exactly what I was looking for. It had just arrived and was one of a kind, being hand made by a local craftsman. When he showed me the item, I melted. It was perfect. Happy with my purchase, I returned home just in time to prepare a simple mushroom soup (first course) and a tuna casserole (second course). When Milord arrived home at 6:25 I had the first course on the table, glasses of water at our place settings, and stood nude (as required) ready to ladle the soup into our bowls. Once dinner was completed and we had cleaned up the dishes, I presented my gift to Milord. I saw immediately that I had pleased him. “Which end shall we begin with, my love,” he asked. “Whichever you choose,” I responded. He kissed me, then ordered me to the bedroom. I was to spread my legs wide and hold on to the bed posts, spread eagle. Once my bottom was a pleasing  red, he had me lie down on my back, legs spread wide. Rather than using lube, he simply gather my ample wetness and liberally coated my anus. He used his own spit to add to the slickness. Slowly, with exquisite care, he eased the ball inside of me. I squirmed, cried out, and sobbed, not realizing just how big the steel knob would be. Milord shushed me, whispering how proud he was of me, what a good submissive I was. Finally, the knob was fully seated. “Beautiful,” Milord stated, then made love to me. I lost count of the number of times I came. He fucked me gently, then hard and fast. Once, he reached back and twirled the handle of the crop, making me scream his name as my body shattered with the pure joy of is power.

This  morning when he kissed me goodbye before he left for work, he gave my golden chain a gentle tug and my bottom a strong slap. “I’m so proud of you,” he said. My whole body glowed with pleasure. I’m already planning what to buy next week.

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