Ostara, vernal equinox, spring. So many names but all meaning the same. A time when the Sun god celebrates with the maiden, a time of fertility, growth. One of the most common symbols for Ostara is the egg. In honor of this, King presented me wRelated imageith a new Yoni egg. Three, actually. The are so beautiful, made of smoky quartz and strung with silicone cordage so they can be disinfected easily. Today, I will, per his command, keep an egg inside of me whenever he is not. Yoni eggs are heavy, so gravity tends to want to pull then out of your body. This is where the exercise comes in. As I feel the egg sliding downward, I must squeeze my muscles in order to lift it back up again (the long cord ensures easy removal). This constant relaxing and tensing of muscles works absolutely every muscle and organ involved with sexual pleasure and health. The eggs do not have chimes in them like some ben wah balls do, so they are very, very discrete. Women have been using these eggs for over 5,000 years to ensure the health of their organs. Let me assure you, they work!! King loves how I can tense my muscles and tighten my tunnel, milking his beautiful cock until he is bone dry.

King began the  morning like he does many morings, but having me suck him until he’s hard and I’m dripping wet (ThisRelated image

takes NO time at all for me since the very idea of his cock in my mouth makes me wet!). When he was ready, he pulled me up on top of him and let me ride him until I orgasmed – again, next to no time at all!!! He kept me there, told me to milk him, and the shot his first load of the day into me. After, he presented me with the eggs. He said that he would keep two with him at all times and I, naturally, would keep one inside of me. Luckily, he said I could begin with the largest one since my tunnel was slick with his cum and that is the easiest one to grip. He told me to put on a pretty dress – no panties. This, I realized, would add motivation to my keeping the egg inside of me since if it slipped out, I would be publically humiliated! We spent the day walking through parks, shopping, eating at cafe’s, and visiting the art museum. Roughly every 2 hours King would discretely hand me another egg. I would the go to the nearest restroom, remove the current egg, insert the new one, and then wash the one that had just been inside of me. By the time we got home around 8:00 that evening, my legs were shaking from the exertion of keeping the small egg inside and from the excitement that had built inside of me throtumblr_oqvmu5Ikv41vdwq0co1_540ughout the day! King grinned, well aware of my situation. He had me strip him then kneel before him and worship his almighty cock. He laughed when I came, still clothed, his cock in my mouth. He bent me over the dinning room table. I was sure he would remove the egg, but no. I felt his tongue lick my wet slit. I shrieked, coming again. I heard him chuckle and then continue to lick and suck my sweetness. When I felt his tongue dip inside of my rosebud, I stiffened. No. He wouldn’t! But, yes, he would and he did. He stood and pressed his cock against my anus. “You’ve had cum in your pussy already today. Now I’m going to fill this hole.” I dropped my head to the table, trembling as he pressed his length inside of me and yet another orgasm ripped through my body. He fucked me long and hard. I felt him grow slightly, his breathing become raspy. Then I felt the tug of the cord. My head shot up and again I shouted his name. He pulled the egg from my body, emptied his balls into my bowels, and gave me the strongest orgasm I’ve had in years!! Once we could both breathe normally again, he picked me up and carried me to the bed where he held me tightly. “King?” “mmmhmmm?” “Can we celebrate Ostara like this every year?” “I was really hoping you’d say that.”

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