Learning to Obey

Yesterday was NOT a good day for me. First, I was out of crotchless panties, so instead of doing laundry, I just grabbed a pair of regular ones – Rule 1 broken.  Next, I just threw my hair up on a ponytail and didn’t bother with make-up – Rule 4 broken. Then, I asked ever so respectfully that the enormous plug Milord had filled my anus with be removed before the 30 minutes was up. Technically, this wasn’t breaking a rule, but it sure was bending it. All three infractions earned me one walloping good puni1ec6aeddfe44e6f42aea551862de23a1shment session. First, Milord made me empty out my underwear drawer – bras and panties. Then, I had to sort through the laundry and find every piece of lingerie that was dirty and give these to him as well. He took all of them and locked them up on a safebox. No chance of my wearing any lingerie now until he opens up the box, which, he tells me will be at least a week away.

Next, he attached round rare earth magnets to each of my nipples. Let me assure you, these babies pinch like no clamp can! Within seconds I was crying and asking for mercy, which he denied, naturally. (After all, I certainly did not use my safe word!) Then, he had me lie on my back and liftDP4hXBbXUAUliwned my legs in the diaper position – which I hate because of the humiliation factor! Keep in mind, the plug was still in me. He took his flogger and applied it, making sure to strike my ass, the plug, and my delicate, exposed pussy. By now I was sobbing in earnest and promising I would never break a rule again (something we both know was a big, bald faced lie!) Of course, this didn’t slow him down one bit. He berated me for not following rules I had agreed to. He wouldn’t put up with my laziness in not fixing myself up (He’s right. I did feel like a slob all day). He expected to be able to trust me to follow simple rules regarding my clothing. He did not want to hear one word of complaint. If the plug had been actually painful as opposed to simply uncomfortable, he trusted that I would have used my safe word (Yep. He’s right about that as well!) Finally he finished the flogging, but he wasn’t finished with me. He told me to reach up and grab my ankles. I was to keep my legs in place. He undressed and, without hesitation, buried his cock within my swollen and tender pussy. My nipples were on fire, my ass filled, my labia aching, by bottom tender, and now with his giant cock also filling me, I swear he was going to split me in half! Mercifully, he reached down and removed both sets of magnets. Now the blood rushed back in the both and I screamed. I wanted to slap my hands over them, but he had told me to hold my ankles and I sure as hell wasn’t going to disobey a direct order now! Over and over he thrust himself into me. I began to murmur, “Please, please, please.”

He said, “No. You aren’t coming. Not until I do. When I do, you can. If you come before I do, there will be serious hell to pay.” So I bit my lip and focused on the pain rather than the pleasure. “That’s it. Keep it up,” he encouraged me. Then he pinched both of my aching nipples and twisted. It was too much. I shattered, coming all over his fat, thrusting cock.

“Ah, you’re going to pay for that,” he ground out. I looked up at him and he was grinning. “Spanking every morning. Cum on your face left to dry all day,” he gasped out. “No, please. Mercy?” I begged as the last wave of my orgasm crashed over me. “Absolutely not,” he decided. “And you’ll be plug every night. For a week. Won’t take it out until I’ve come on your face.” And then he came, filling me with his sweetness, grunting his primordial pleasure.

He pulled out of me then removed the plug. “Two hours until bedtime, then another plug goes in.” I looked at him, aghast. “You were serious?” He smiled at me then lowered my legs, helping me to sit on his lap. He kissed me then said, “Very serious. It’s going to be a week to remember.”

Winter Rules 2017-18. 


4 thoughts on “Learning to Obey

  1. this will sound mean, but i loved reading this. Why, well your broken rule, no makeup, I have that one, some days I ask if i could have a lazy day without makeup but I always get a no, the crutchless panties, Im not allowed any on unless Ive got a hosptal appt, your man sounds as strict as my Master. Though im not giving him the cum face ALL DAY idea, something which has been a threat but never reality, thankfully. x


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