bdsmlr-110362-aedDVvqKA9New House Rules

I totally fucked up. I broke one of the House Rules. Knowingly and willfully I broke rule number Three – No alcohol during the week. I went out with some friends and drank not one, not two, not even three, but five – FIVE – beers.

Milord, naturally, was disappointed in me. Now, I’m in for a severe punishment. First, I will be nude and grounded to the house for five days.

Second, for each of those five days I will be whipped with a birch rod made of ten tiny dowl rods I have to make myself every morning and evening of those five days.

Third, Milord will use ONLY my bum hole for the next five days. He will fuck it both morning and night after my whipping.

Fourth, after my nightly whipping and fucking, he will insert a small plug into my cum filled ass.  It will be removed only when he is ready to fuck my ass again in the morning.

Fifth, I2e4e94d4231663491f404cbf775199a1 will write a 10 page research paper about the dangers of alcohol – complete with MLA citations and no fewer than 6 sources. I will present this to Milord on the evening of the fifth day. IF he is satisfied, my punishment will then be over. IF, however, he is not satisfied, I will have an addition three days for corrections as the entire punishment routine continues!

You can be very sure, I will be doing EVERYTHING in my power to make sure Milord is satisfied with absolutely everything. This is one punishment I will NOT enjoy, but one that I will surely learn from.

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