Red, White, and Blue

Sir decided that for our annual 4th of July celebration – which is quitepearl_choker_817469fe-f492-4f3e-8567-8e95a74e73e9

formal – I would be wearing the colors of our nation.  To begin, he presented me with an exquisite pearl choker necklace. It fit snugly around my neck and, as he informed me, would serve as my formal collar. Naturally, I thanked him by sucking on his cock. We agreed long ago that this was a proper way to thank him for any gift, especially  jewelry! As it had been two whole days since I’d been able to perform this service, we were both eager. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed that he came so quickly, but we did, after all, have a celebration to prepare for!

Next came Red. He took me over his knee and proceeded to redden my ass. As he spanked he told me the meaning of Red on our Flag (which I already knew). He explained in excruciating detail (see what I did there :)). Then, he informed me that he would periodicallyend-1qj441jo1_500-2 throughout our celebration require me to go into our bedroom where he would check to make sure my skin was still red. If it had faded, he would use our quietest implement – the cane –  to make sure I stayed red. I gasped at this and begged him to reconsider. The party would go on for hours and I knew that my skin would not hold its redness for more than 2 hours or so! He, however, was relentless. He continued to spank me until I not only agreed, but promised to check my own bottom each time I used the bathroom. If the color had faded, I would inform him and then go prepare myself.


Finally came the Blue. Once the spanking was complete, he helped me stand. As I said, this is a formal celebration and I wear a formal gown. Tonight, I would also be wearing an actual bone corset. I slipped the chemise over my head and then Sir helped me with the corset. He tightened it as much as he could then went to dress himself. I fixed my hair and  make-up. By then the corset had become almost comfortable. Sir came to check it again, noted that he could again tighten the laces, and pulled them taut. I could breath easily, but would not be able to bend or sit comfortably – not that I planned on sitting much anyway! Sir then helped me slip the gown over my head, kissed me, and told me I looked beautiful. He, wearing a dark suit, white shirt, gold cuff links, and a red and blue tie, looked stunningly handsome. Yes, now I was ready to celebrate the Red, White, and Blue

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